Bizzo Casino

Privacy Commitment

Every effective relationship between the casino and its customers is built on trust. We value your trust in our security and your conscious choice to play at Fastpay Casino. In our years in the industry, we’ve built a platform that we are proud of and your support just validates all the hard work. This page, as our Privacy Commitment, outlines the extent of our usage of your personal and financial information. We advise you to carefully review this page before deciding on playing with us. Make informed and well-thought-out choices.

Information We Gather

We are transparent with our users about the information we collect and the purposes it serves in building our site and our brand in general. We assure all of our users that all of your information will never be used to harm, defame or scam you.

Personal data

Personal data is a sensitive matter to share and we treat it with the utmost respect and care. We only use it for several purposes:

  1. Information collection for setting up your account. We are required to collect some of your personal information to avoid breaking the laws of your home country, as well as avoiding possible fraud.
  2. Surveys and other user contributions. We may ask for your input on certain issues and use your answers to further improve our online services.
  3. Personal Device data. This data is also used for further developments in our site functions overall and on your particular device.

We keep all of the information private and do not exchange it with any third parties or resources. The safety of our players is our main priority

Non-Personal Data

We collect data that has no ties and relations to your person, such as:

  1. User patterns of use. We collect information like the model of your device, your browser of choice, language settings, referral resources you used to access our site and your times of activity.
  2. User activity. Your activity may be monitored to prevent fraud and refine our services to suit the needs of our players better.

All of the non-personal data is collected to better our online platform in mind.

Purpose of your information

Every piece of information we collect is crucial for the development and continuous existence of our casino platform. We never use your information outside of the terms laid out on this page. The ways we use your information include:

  1. Offering enhanced player experience through optimizing and personalizing your account.
  2. Overseeing and maintaining your account, avoiding fraud and malfunctions.
  3. Improving our online services through monitoring user interactions.
  4. Facilitating an open line of dialogue between our staff and players, to ensure you are always informed about our latest developments and changes.
  5. Extermination of every suspicious activity.
  6. Liquidating anomalies and mismatching with the local laws and regulations.

Fastpay Casino is committed to providing quality service to our players and we hope that you can help provide us with information to keep our services operating the best they can.

Data retention period

Users have autonomy over their personal information and data. You can reach out to our support team if you need to change or update any of your personal information through email or live chat and they will fulfil your request as soon as possible. We have to inform you that we cannot make any changes to the transactional records and additional details that third-party casinos are mandated to retain under the prevailing laws.